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About Zelira

Zelira Therapeutics is a leading global biopharmaceutical company developing and marketing customised medicines uniquely formulated to target unmet patient needs.

Zelira Therapeutics has developed several pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid-based medicines that are currently available in Australia and the USA.

We are committed to research and clinical development including:

Investment in areas of unmet patient need (autism and insomnia)

Clinical validation of our medicines

Clinical trials program to satisfy regulatory requirements

Pharmaceutical grade medicines manufactured to the highest quality standards

Accessing Medicinal Cannabis in Australia

Medicinal Cannabis is a Prescription Medicine

Medicinal cannabis is available to patients like other prescription medicines, on written authorisation from a registered medical professional.

Any registered medical doctor in Australia can prescribe medicinal cannabis, if the doctor makes an evidence-based judgement that this is the appropriate treatment for their patient. The doctor will consider the patient’s symptoms, family history, and the other treatments that have been tried, in making this judgement.

Like any other prescription, Zelira’s medicines can be dispensed by any pharmacy Australia-wide, with delivery available to most Australian locations within 24 hours.

We suggest the following steps

1. Discuss with your Doctor

The first step to access medicinal cannabis treatment is to discuss with your primary doctor.
Some doctors are already authorised prescribers of medicinal cannabis or familiar with the Special Access Scheme pathway. If your doctor would like more information on how to prescribe or become an authorised prescriber please contact Zelira Therapeutics on 1300-ZELIRA (1300 935 472) or email support@zeliratx.com

2. Provide Supporting Evidence

It may be helpful if you can find research or evidence of clinical studies relevant to your condition prior to visiting your doctor. You can find up to date information about medicinal cannabis on the TGA website.

3. Contact Zelira Therapeutics

Ask your doctor to contact Zelira Therapeutics on 1300-ZELIRA (1300 935 472) or email support@zeliratx.com and we can help provide them with the relevant information and support to prescribe our medicines.
Your doctor can also login to the "Doctor" portal of our website to access information targeted for health care professionals.

Doctors Factsheet

How to prescribe…

  • Any medical practitioner can apply for medicinal cannabis via an SAS B application – you do not have to be an Authorised Prescriber, have a special license or have a formal training.
  • Since the TGA have streamlined the process of SAS B applications it can take as little as 10-15 minutes to apply.
  • Zelira has developed a step-by-step guide to assist doctors with the application process. The guide can be accessed in the “Doctors” portal of our website or to speak to one of Zelira’s dedicated staff just use the phone number below during business hours.

Medicinal Cannabis Prescriptions

In Australia the number of medical practitioners prescribing medicinal cannabis is increasing:
SAS category B applications approved by the TGA for medicinal cannabis products (at 6 September 2021)1
Medical practitioners have gained approval to prescribe Medicinal Cannabis (at 6 September 2021)1
 Authorised Prescribers for medicinal Cannabis in Australia (at 31 July 2021)2

For more information

   1300 ZELIRA (1300 935 472)

Download a printable version and take it with you to your doctor's appointment.