Information for Pharmacists

About Zelira

Zelira Therapeutics is a leading global biopharmaceutical company developing and marketing customised medicines uniquely formulated to target unmet patient needs.

Zelira Therapeutics has developed several pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid-based medicines that are currently available in Australia and the USA.

We are committed to research and clinical development including:

Investment in areas of unmet patient need (autism and insomnia)

Clinical validation of our medicines

Clinical trials program to satisfy regulatory requirements

Pharmaceutical grade medicines manufactured to the highest quality standards

Accessing Medicinal Cannabis in Australia

Medicinal Cannabis is a Prescription Medicine

Medicinal cannabis is available to patients like other prescription medicines, on written authorisation from a registered medical professional.

Any registered medical doctor in Australia can prescribe medicinal cannabis, if the doctor makes an evidence-based judgement that this is the appropriate treatment for their patient. The doctor will consider the patient’s symptoms, family history, and the other treatments that have been tried, in making this judgement.

Like any other prescription, Zelira’s medicines can be dispensed by any pharmacy Australia-wide, with delivery available to most Australian locations within 24 hours.

How to Order our Products

Ordering our products is a simple and quick process.

Pharmacists will require the doctors’ prescription and TGA approval paperwork from the patient.

Contact our distributor Health House International and place an order. Health House provide support for pharmacies and can assist pharmacists on all aspects of dispensing medicinal cannabis.

Health House International
Phone: 08 9444 2444
Email: info@healthhouse.com.au
Web: www.healthhouse.com.au

Delivery of the order can be expected the next business day.

Contact patient to pick up their order.

For more Information Contact Us

Our medical team is available to discuss any queries you have, please contact us on 1300-ZELIRA (1300 935 472) or email: support@zeliratx.com