Reimagining cannabinoid-based medicines and healthcare

We’re a global biopharmaceutical company positioned to access the world’s largest and fastest growing cannabinoid medicine markets.

Zelira Therapeutics is passionate about ethical medicine and committed to world class science and clinical trials. We want to help people who feel their therapeutic options are limited.

We believe doctors and patients should have the same confidence in clinically validated cannabinoid-based medicines that they would in any other prescription pharmaceuticals.

We aren’t in the business of providing one-size-fits-all options but instead we are focused on specific conditions where significant unmet need prevails.

With this approach we have developed a range of cannabinoid-based medicines. Our portfolio of proprietary assets include:

We have a compulsion to be disruptive born from a deep-seated desire to challenge and improve on the status quo.

We strive to know more and investigate new solutions that will make a positive difference to the lives of people around the world.

For us at Zelira this means reimagining cannabinoid-based medicines and healthcare.

Products and Pipeline

We have a clear plan to further progress the evidence for our existing, revenue generating assets to support commercialisation as well as bringing new assets to market to address research gaps and areas of unmet need.

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